General questions:

For all bookings, please read our general conditions of sale.

How do I book a course?

  • Online via our website:
  1. Add your courses to your shopping cart using the little carts.
  2. Go to your shopping cart to proceed to the secure payment by credit card except Diner's Club and Amex (in totality).
  3. As soon as your payment is validated, you will receive a confirmation of your order by email as well as the access to your electronic course cards.
  • By e-mail : please use the Contact link to send us your request. Please indicate the date of your stay and the type of course.
  1. A quote will be sent to your email address.
  2. Full payment at the time of booking (by cheque, holiday voucher or by credit card via a secure online payment link included in the quote).
  3. As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you by e-mail your booking confirmation and the access to your electronic course cards.

How do I get my course cards?

You will find your course cards and much more on the myesf app! 
  1. I download the myesf application on my smartphone
  2. I create my account with the email address I used for my order
  3. I find my course cards in one click in the "My courses" tab
The lesson cards must be presented to the instructors via the myesf application on the first day of the course.

How to book supervised meals?

Please refer to the page: Supervised meals

Is the equipment included in the course?

Ski/snowboard equipment is not included in the course. You can rent your equipment directly in the sports shops in the resort.

What insurance should I take out for winter sports?

esf does not insure its students, we recommend that you take out the "Carré Neige Alpin" insurance which is a specific insurance that covers you in case of accident or illness during your stay or the "Carré Neige Intégral" which covers you before and during your stay:
  • Carré Neige "Alpin" insurance : offered as an option when you buy your lessons online.
  • Carré Neige "Intégral" insurance : offered as an option when you buy your lessons online.
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What happens if I cancel my stay?

Cancellation before/during the course:
  • If you have taken out a personal cancellation insurance policy (in particular the one offered by the E.S.F. when you purchased online), please refer to its conditions.
  • If you have not taken out a cancellation insurance: The packages are reserved only for fixed dates. In case of cancelation regardless of the reason, the cost of the package cancelled will not be reimbursed by E.S.F nor will it be exchanged for another package. 
For this reason, E.S.F recommends to all clients to check that they are appropriately insured to this effect and if not to subscribe to a suitable cancelation insurance.

If I take the supervised meals option, what happens if I am on a diet?

In case of dietary requirements or allergies, please complete the form: Health Form - Supervised Meals
Meals are followed by a time of rest or play, depending on the age and needs of the children.

My child will be 3 years old soon after our stay in La Tania. Can I enrol him/her in Piou Piou?

Depending on the period, you can ask at the esf Courchevel la Tania office if it is possible to discover the Piou-Piou Club.
If the session goes well, you just have to go to the esf office to extend the session to a week and your child can stay in this group.

My child is at the Piou-Piou Club, should I provide a snack?

No, it's not necessary: a small snack will be provided by esf during the morning and afternoon lessons.

In a private course, is the medal included in the price of the course?

No, the medal is not included in the price of the private lesson(s). As the test is not always taken in private lessons, you should ask your instructor for information. At the end of the session(s), he/she will tell you which medal to buy according to your child's test. Medals are available at the esf office.

I can' t access the payment page once I have booked my courses online.

We advise you to reduce the security level of your browser and to deactivate your firewall for the duration of the booking.