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What equipment does my child need ?


The equipment is not provided with lessons with esf 
  • Children must come to classes equipped (skis and boots). 
  • Correct clothing for skiing (ski suit or salopettes & jacket, mittens or gloves) 
  • For all children's lessons, wearing a helmet is highly recommended. 
  • Remember to give a little snack to your child in their pocket (such as a cereal bar). A snack is provided by esf in Club Piou Piou and Ourson

For children's meals, what happens if my child has special dietary requirements or allergies ?

In case of any dietary requirements or allergies, please inform esf Courchevel La Tania when booking meals and to the instructors/receptionists on site.
We will send you by email a health card to complete. Meals are followed by rest or play, depending on the age and needs of the children.

My child will be 3 years old shortly after our stay at Courchevel La Tania. Do I register them in Club Piou Piou?

In low season and less busy periods, you will be able to ask esf Courchevel La Tania if it is possible to do a test at Club Piou-Piou.
If the instructor says your child is ok to proceed, simply go to esf office to extend the week and your child can stay in this group.

My child is at Club Piou-Piou, should I give them a snack? 

No, it is not necessary: a small snack is provided by esf during breaks in the morning and afternoon.
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