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snowboard group lessons

From beginner to advanced level

Discover La Tania safely accompanied by an ESF instructor

Want to discover or progress in Snowboard?
ESF la Tania welcomes you and accompanies you in your progress to master your board.

The program is specially developed for each level to optimise student progress. Our specialised instructors will arm you with all the techniques required and teach you how to adjust to the different types of snow, make even more beautiful curves, and many other thrills to this fun and fulfilling winter sport.
Horaires et Tarifs

Minimum 4 students enrolled in the week of the same level required.
ESF reserves the right to change the groups or duration of lessons.

dates and times
From Monday to Friday
time of 
- CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR holidays:
FROM 23/12/2018 TO 05/01/2019

 - outside SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 1:
FROM 15/12/2018 TO 22/12/2018
 FROM 06/01/2019 TO 09/02/2019
FROM 10/02/2019 TO 09/03/2019
 - outside SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 2:
FROM 10/03/2019 TO 06/04/2019

FROM 07/04/2019 TO 19/04/2019
afternoon14:15 - 16:4514:30 - 17:00
snowboard Prices
Classes start on Monday only (5 days)
course and duration5 days
Afternoon - 2h30200 €
CARRé neige insurance 
 Carré Neige Intégral : 2 in 1 insurance that covers before and during the stay
insurance 5 days6 days
Carré Neige Intégral - Adult18 € 21.60 €
For more information and to see the guarantees visit "Insurance - Carré Neige" section or on the website: www.carreneige.com


  • Beginner level: no need for a LIFT PASS. You will be informed by the instructor when to purchase 
  • Rates do not include lift pass, equipment rental, or accident insurance. 
  • ATTENTION: online reservations are possible until 7 days before. Beyond, please contact us so that we can inform you of our availability. 
  • End of course medals are available at the ESF counter. Price: 8 €

Attention : Students are not insured by ESF. To avoid the financial risks and inconvenience of an accident, we advise you to take the Carré Neige.

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